Lose 7-10 kilos in one week with the new protein Diettube method.


What exactly is this method?

The Diettube system is a new way of losing weight, reducing cellulite and loosing local fat. It’s a specific medical therapeutic protocol that’s provides with the loss of 8-10% of your body weight in pure fat without using the knife. In Greece Diettube is offered by the plastic surgeon Dr. Apostolos Gaitanis for the last three years and its provides losing weight safely in a short period of time. The Diettube method helps you lose weight by losing fat without losing any muscle.

How is the method performed?

This new method of losing weight consist of the period of 10 days of protein based ketogenic feeding threw a very narrow nasogastric tube which is connected with a mini pump which allows the continues infusion of food every minute for 24 hours. The fine tube is just 2 ml white and is inserted into the stomach threw the nostril. It is stabilized at the back of the ear and it is connected with a mini pump which the patient has all the time with him and carries in a little bag. That mini pump is connected with the bag which has inside the special protein feed and threw the pump the feed is directly into the patient’s stomach. Diettube method helps you to lose 8-10% of your weight for men and 6-8% for women in fat within 10 days.

During the period of time that you are connected with the Diettube you are allowed to have moderet activities.

How long for the Diettube method?

The Diettube is adjusted for the major of every person. The first period is between 7-10 days and during that period you lose about 1% of body weight in fat every day.

Who is suitable for Diettube method?

Diettube method is for everybody who wants to lose weight safely within a short period of time. Patients that have some extra fat, or some patients that have local fat, or even patients that have cellulite and they want to improve the appearance of their body by losing fat. Patients that have serious health problems, kidney problems, have diabetes or heart problems are not suitable for this method.

How safe is the Diettube method?

Before the in session of the Diettube method the patient has to go throw a series of blood test and a heart trace. Then the patient is examined by our Internal Medicine Specialist and under the supervision of plastic surgeon the method has be proved to be very safe.

What are the benefits of the method?

The benefits of the method is that the patients lose in a short period of time big weight loss and because of the presents of the ketonbodies they lose their weight without feeling hungry.

What are the results?

The results of the treatment of the Diettube are present after the first period of 7-10 days. During that period the patients lose about 1% of their body weight in fat every day. And after that period of 10 days the patient is followed for further 2 weeks, where they take a specific food program together with the Diettube supplements. During that period they take all these threw the mouth.

How many kilos can somebody lose and are there any chances that the patients will take the weight again?

If the patient needs to lose a lot of kilos the Diettube can be repeated. We have patients that have had the Diettube 2 or 3 times in order to lose 20-30 kilos of weight within a month and a half. Sometimes patients lose 40-45 kilos within 4-5 months. In order not to get the weight back it is important to follow the instructions by the specialists and to follow a resume of healthy eating and exercise.

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