The Abdominoplasty procedure (also referred to as an Apronectomy or Tummy Tuck) is the cosmetic operation in which the surgeon removes excess fat and skin in your abdominal area. During the same procedure the abdominal wall muscles are tightened.


Best candidates for this operation are women who have had children and women or men with redundant skin after significant weight loss.

Related Procedures

Results can be enhanced with the use of the liposuction technique. The term mini abdominoplasty is used when the extra skin is removed without repositioning of the bellybutton. Full Tummy Tuck involves repositioning the belly button and gives the flattest possible stomach.


The abdominoplasty procedure trims away the surplus flabby skin and redefines the figure, leaving a flatter, firmer stomach. It can enhance the appearance and boost the self-esteem of women who would otherwise feel uncomfortable in certain clothes, on the beach and in sexual relationships.

Before Surgery

• Do not sunbathe one week before surgery.
• Any medication that you are taking should be reported to your surgeon and then taken as instructed.
• You should take ARNICA tablets (A homeopathic medication to minimise post-operative bruising and swelling). Two tablets to be taken three times per day, every day for seven days before surgery.
• NO ALCOHOL should be taken 48 hours prior to surgery.
• NO ASPIRIN should be taken for a minimum of two weeks before surgery. You are allowed to take paracetamol.
• If you are a smoker, you are strongly advised to cut down or even better STOP SMOKING.
• The morning or evening prior to your surgery you are requested to shower or bathe, cleansing your entire body. Wash your hair but do not use any hair spray, etc. Do not apply any creams.
• Arrange your transportation to and from the hospital. If you are staying overnight, you will be discharged about 10.00am on the day following surgery.
• We will provide you with the support garment.

Day of Surgery

• Nothing to eat or drink for a minimum of 7 hours before your admission.
• Remove all nail polish, contact lenses, jewellery and make up while at home.
• Wear comfortable loose clothing.

The Procedure

The patient is admitted to the hospital on the morning of the operation. It usually takes about two hours and surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. It normally requires an overnight stay at the hospital.

The incision is placed in the natural crease just above the pubic hairline and extends laterally inside the bikini line.
The extra skin and fat is removed.

The bellybutton is repositioned and the abdominal muscles are repaired.

All the incisions are closed with a deep layer of absorbable stitches and a superficial layer of non absorbable sutures which will be removed after seven days.
Two small drains are left for 24 hours.

Post-operative care

A properly fitted abdominal garment should be worn day and night for two weeks after the operation. Thereafter a lighter garment should be worn during the day only for another 2 weeks.

The wound dressing should be left clean and dry for the whole of the 7 days period. Patients should wash the upper half of their body with a sponge, keeping the dressings dry. The wounds are all healed at two weeks.

During the recovery some swelling of the abdomen will be noticeable. This is expected and the swelling should subside by the second week.

Two weeks time off work is recommended.

Strenuous exercise should be avoided for two months.

There can be complications associated with every cosmetic surgery procedure. These will be explained to you during your full consultation with the plastic surgeon. Needless to stress the importance of the preoperative consultation and following your surgeons postoperative instructions.