Diettube method without using the tube

This is a new application of the Diettube application and it consists of a feeding protocol that last 3 weeks. During the first two weeks the meals that the patient consumes are four (breakfast, lunch, snak and dinner).

Breakfast consists of fat free glass of milk or fat free yogurt inside which a personalized quantity of Diettube protein is mixed. This meal provides high quality protein which helps the patient lose weight, especially fat, without losing muscle.

By consuming the Diettube protein with either water or fat free milk or fat free yogurt the patient does not feel hungry for about 4-5 hours. Similar with the breakfast is the afternoon snak. Midday lunch is schedule in such a way that the patient gets hi quality protein threw food like meat fish which are consumed roasted or boiled with salad. Evening dinner is light and is made out of salad and vegetables. During the 3rd and last week of the protocol the patient continues by taking some carbohydrates and he is allowed to take fruits. It’s a similar program except the fact that the person takes some carbohydrates and some fresh fruit. During this protocol of three weeks the patient can lose between 6-8% of his body weight in fat without losing any muscle and the program can be repeated as many times is necessary for the patient to achieve his goals.

Some general instructions

You can interchange lunch and dinner. Always take the four meals and don’t consume less quantity than what it is advice for you. Always drink 2 lt of water a day. If you are hungry in between meals eat cucumber with the salads you can use lemon or spices. Don’t consume caramels or chewing gum if you not sure that they may contain sugar. If you don’t consume vegetables in one meal double the quantity in the next one. Cook the food in steam, microwave or grill. You can use fresh tomato to cook meat or fish from time to time. Vegetables can be consumed boiled, row or steamed. Do regular exercise.

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