The stretch mark is a form of scar. The main difference that occurs on stretch marks is in color. If the stretch marks are red it is relatively recent, while if it is white it is rather old. The cause that has created stretch marks has not resulted in a difference in kind. The stretch marks are the same whether by pregnancy, by the development during infancy, either by modulating weight. What may vary are the points of their appearance. As is the case with pregnancy stretch marks that are usually created at the top or the bottom of the abdomen, while the stretch marks weigh gain or growth generated in usually in loin, i.e. in the middle or even legs. Stretch marks usually appear in women in pregnancy.

So both during and after pregnancy, the woman can protect herself, with good hydration and lubricate the skin of the abdomen. It would trim this to continue and after pregnancy.

In dealing with them may help regeneration method with laser (pixel). The pixel sublimates the superficial layer of the skin, while at the same time stimulates the deeper layers to produce more collagen. This has led to stimulate the skin and produce better quality scar tissue. As a result, the look of a CHAP is improved, it becomes fainter and it does not seem so much.

The duration of each session varies time is related to the size of the area of the application.  It ranges from 15-45 minutes depending on the size of the area. The effect appears gradually, it takes at least 3-4 sessions with a 3 week interval.

The pixel laser procedure is not painful, it is applied on face for smoothing skin regeneration &. Simply causes a light burning which subsides after a few hours and a light reddening which also gradually subsides.

The woman can return to her daily life even on the same day.

She should avoid returning to the gym on the same day of the visit and after 3-4 days. This is because the area of the cure for stretch marks will be irritated.

This treatment can be performed throughout the year, but certainly the warm period due to the heat and sun exposure, making them more difficult. The areas of the treatment must not be exposed to Sun.

There are no side effects if all the conditions are complied with the application of the method and a complete medical history is taken. Those who have hypersensitivity in the skin should inform their doctor.

All ages are suitable for treating this, of course, the younger the person, the sooner the result is permanent.