The top 3 cellulite treatments

What works and what doesn’t in the battle against stubborn fat


People say that dimples come from being kissed by an angel. Dimples on your other cheeks, and thighs, however, are a more devilish sort. About 85 percent of women (and virtually no men) have cellulite; it strikes gym goers and couch potatoes alike. And there’s no cure. What causes it? No one knows for sure, but many doctors say circulation under skin slows (perhaps due to hormones), which swells fat cells. The elastic collagen bands that usually hold down the fat then overstretch or weaken from the extra stress, allowing fat to pop up in between the bands and push on the underside of skin.

So far in the battle against cellulite, nothing works permanently or 100 percent or for every person. Only treatments that temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite are available. They’re expensive, it can take several sessions to see partial smoothing, and then you need maintenance appointments every month or few months to keep your rear from regressing. If you’re very overweight and inactive, results are so subtle that you’re better off with an exercise plan first. But if you’re active and need to do something (anything!) about cellulite, this guide gives you the current options, plus a look at what’s on the horizon. You’ll hear from experts (many of whom have consulted for manufacturers, connections we’ve disclosed) and women who’ve tried the regimens about what to expect to help you get the smoothest possible butt for your buck.



The super massage: Endermologie


How it works A technician rolls a vacuum like hand piece over your backside while its suction and motorized rollers suck up skin, delivering a serious deep-tissue massage. Some doctors believe this action only swells the skin’s surface, temporarily camouflaging dimples. According to the company, though, the treatment boosts circulation and helps drain fluid.
How well it works Of the independent research that’s been done, some studies show measurable results, others show none. Cellulite looked smoother after the treatment. The change was gradual, and it motivated her to keep exercising. Once you stopped treatment, however, cellulite started returning within a few months. For most women, the turnaround happens within one month.
Bottom line Endermologie is one of the least expensive options, and it may help smooth cellulite, but you’re likely to get better and longer-lasting results from the high-tech lasers.



Mesotherapy: The latest breakthrough in “Body Sculpting.”

Mesotherapy is the practice of using a series of painless microinjections consisting of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medications placed under the surface of the skin in the mesoderm (middle layer) to break down fat, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is used in the treatment of face and neck rejuvenation, fat loss, cellulite, hair regrowth and to diminish scar tissue.

How does mesotherapy work?
By injecting fat melting nutrients right into the target areas, Mesotherapy dissolves the fat and shrinks the fat cells. The fat is carried out of your system through the bloodstream and excreted by the kidneys and bowels the way it is broken down during fat loss.

How many treatments will I need?
Mesotherapy treatments are tailored to your specific needs, typically given once per week. The number of treatments needed depends upon many variables. Thin people with cellulite may require less, whereas obese individuals require more. Each procedure usually takes 30 minutes with no preparation or recovery time. Some patients see results after one treatment and others may take 4-5 sessions to see results. Patient’s usually notice their clothing is fitting loosely or family and friends will notice a difference in their appearance.

How long does mesotherapy last?
The benefits last for as long as the patient maintains a healthy diet and exercise routine. Touch ups are usually required in six months to one year.

What are the side effects?
Side effects are generally limited to minor bruising which usually fade within a week. Patients may experience minimal discomfort from Mesotherapy.

Superb results are achieved with Mesotherapy. Those being treated look and feel better. With a moderate amount of lifestyle change, Mesotherapy can provide measurable improvements with people losing 4 dress sizes in 10 sessions and 6 inches off the waist in 8.


The Accent Laser: Cellulite and localized fat treatment with radiofrequencies

The Accent mechanism uses both unipolar and bipolar radiofrequencies in order to improve your body’s appearance. The Accent system helps to smooth and sculpt loose or wrinkled skin on any part of your body. This treatment gives you a flat stomach, thinner thighs and hips while it also achieves an overall firming. The thermal effect induced to the tissues cause’s fat cells to shrink while at the same time stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen. Therefore, skin quality and blood circulation are improved. The Accent treatment can be applied to areas where excess body fat appears either alone or in combination with cellulite. It improves skin quality in the area of the abdomen, achieves an overall firming and helps in losing points in this area. Accent also treats localized fat in  areas such as on the side of the waist, thighs, buttocks, buns, knees and legs; that is, generally in areas where excess fat and cellulite develop. It offers two heads for body treatments. Firstly, there is the unipolar head which transfers heat to the tissues. Secondly, there is the head that combines unipolar radiofrequencies with massaging for better lymphatic drainage. The radiofrequency treatment (Accent) is repeated every 2 weeks. It usually takes a total of 6-8 sessions. The results are immediate but further improvement is noticed e van during the first 3-4 months after the application. The procedure is completely comfortable, fast, and painless and you can get back to your everyday activities after the application.

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