Correction of defects with injectable (Macrolane) fat transfer & fat in the face with this method is transferred fat from other parts of the body to accentuate the lips, fill the grooves or wrinkles to highlight cheekbones.

The procedure is performed with special needles with which grease is collected from areas where there is excess, such as the inner side of the knee or the belly and then placed in the area that we want to strengthen.

Irritation at the application limited to certain area lasts 1-2 days and treated easily with common painkillers such as paracetamol.

The results are immediately visible and after 2-3 days you can return to your work.

Fat transfer into the hands of the renewal of the hands can be done by injecting fat to give it volume, as well as for anti-aging. The adipocytes that is injected contains stem cells that contribute to create a more youthful and vigorous appearance to the skin.

This method transfers fat from other parts of the body to fill and to showcase the hands.

With special needles the plastic surgeon collects grease from the inner side of the knee or abdomen, usually and then places it in the area that we want to strengthen.

Macrolane for posterior & calves Macrolane operates on the basis of such as anti-aging fillers, with the difference that now, thanks to the composition of this material, offering volume in areas that before were not possible with non-invasive methods. Applied under local anesthesia in the treatment area and through a very small incision introduced Macrolane from the top and with modified downwards, in order to achieve uniform diffusion and natural result. Macrolane is the first product that achieves our Body Contouring known non-invasively, with technology based on perfectly safe and biocompatible hyaluronic acid.

So in the past, the surgical solution that could effectively strengthen the layers posterior implant placement sometimes moved and was sore. Now, through a relatively short process with a small incision underneath the base of the spine Macrolane is injected, which rounds it. The same material is also used to correct the imperfections of classical liposuction and crafted the calves. The specific filler used to redress, to restate and to increase the size of the areas that we want.

The whole process takes just 30-60 minutes, depending on the extent of the treatment area and you can return immediately to your daily schedule.

The result is completely natural, choice calves, vigorous dissimilar correction, posteriorly, resulting from liposuction, are just some of the impressive results of Macrolane, lasting approximately 18 months.

Allergic reactions, taking aspirin and diseases of the immune are contraindications.