This new technique with the use of ultrasound is a modification of liposuction that is the removal of excess fat from the human body, using fine cannulas and negative pressure suction. Fat cells are removed permanently from the treated areas. It has become the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure. The art of liposculpture has become one of the most exciting modern body contour surgical treatments.


The best candidates for liposculpture are patients with localised fat deposits. Liposculpture is not a substitute for diet or exercise. It is not a method of reducing weight and is not a treatment for cellulite. There are some areas of the body that fat is very difficult to shift even with diet or exercise. Hips, inner thighs, abdomen, waist, buttocks, outer thighs, back and front of thighs, inner and outer arms, back, knees, ankles, double chin and enlarged male chest (gynaecomastia) respond very well to liposculpture. Younger patients with higher skin elasticity respond best although liposculpture can be combined with excess skin removal in older patients.
Before Surgery

• Do not sunbathe one week before surgery.
• Any medication that you are taking should be reported to your surgeon and then taken as instructed.
• You should take ARNICA tablets (A homeopathic medication to minimize post-operative bruising and swelling). Two tablets to be taken three times per day, every day for seven days before surgery.
• NO ALCOHOL should be taken 48 hours prior to surgery.
• NO ASPIRIN should be taken for a minimum of two weeks before surgery. You are allowed to take paracetamol.
• If you are a smoker, you are strongly advised to cut down or even better STOP SMOKING.
• The morning or evening prior to your surgery you are requested to shower or bathe, cleansing your entire body. Wash your hair but do not use any hair spray, e.t.c. Do not apply any creams.
• Arrange your transportation to and from the hospital. If your operation is performed as a day case you will be discharged after 5.00pm on the day of admission. If you are staying overnight, you will be discharged about 10.00am on the day following surgery.
• You will be provided with an elasticated support garment from our office.

Day of Surgery

• Nothing to eat or drink for a minimum of 6 hours before your admission.
• Remove all nail polish, contact lenses, jewellery and make up while at home.
• Wear comfortable loose clothing.

The Procedure

Most liposculpture cases can be performed under local anaesthetic and sedation as a daycase. Larger areas to be treated may require general anaesthetic and overnight stay.The operation can take one to two hours. Skin incisions are very small (less than 1cm or ? inch) and well hidden. Through the skin incisions the treated areas are injected with local anaesthetic. Afterwards through a fine hollow tube with repeated back and forth motion the fatty tissue is broken up and aspirated into a special syringe. Sometimes ultrasound waves can be used to assist the surgeon in braking down the fatty tissue. A maximum of two to three litres of fat can be safely removed at one procedure

After Surgery

• NO ASPIRIN should be taken for 7 days following surgery
• NO ALCOHOL should be taken 48 hours following surgery.
• Continue taking ARNICA as instructed for a further 7 days.
• Take any prescribed medication as instructed.
• Showers and baths are permitted after the dressings are removed. (About 7 days following surgery).
• Do not sunbathe or use a sun bed for approximately one month following surgery.
• Bed rest is helpful for at least one day, after which you should be mobile.


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