What type of anaesthetic will be used in my operation?

There are different types of anaesthetics that can be used in aesthetic plastic surgery in order for your plastic surgeon to carry out your treatment with the minimum of discomfort to you.

General anaesthetic: This is a full anaesthetic carried out in hospital under the care of a fully qualified anaesthetist. There is no discomfort to you and you do not feel or remember anything. After such an anaesthetic, you will either go home the same day or stay in hospital overnight.

Sedation with local anaesthetic: A sedating drug is given to you under the care of a fully qualified anaesthetist. You will sleep during the operation.

Dr Gaitanis will also give you a local anaesthetic, so that you are not disturbed from your sleep. You will go home the same day.

Local anaesthetic: Mr Gaitanis will numb the area to be treated. You will be awake during the treatment and discharged when it is finished.

Why have plastic surgery?

Aesthetic plastic surgery is more than improving the way you look; it is about changing the way you feel.
Every year more than 90,000 people in the UK undergo aesthetic plastic surgery. These are not only the film stars and celebrities but ordinary people who want to improve the way they look because they believe they are worth it.

Advances in aesthetic plastic surgery provide longer-lasting results and minimal scaring, discomfort and complications.

Also, advances in medicine have resulted in a longer life span for all of us and many people feel younger and want to look younger.

Is plastic surgery painful?

Plastic surgery deals with excess skin and fat and does not generally cause excessive swelling, bruising and discomfort. During the first 24 hours you are advised to rest at home and you will be given a mild, oral analgesia. Depending on the type of surgery and your own healing characteristics, Dr Gaitanis will explain the type of recovery you should expect.

Can complications happen?

Complications can happen with any form of surgery. The risks will be minimised by ensuring that you are in good health prior to treatment and that the plastic surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses looking after you are highly qualified and competent. Dr Gaitanis’ team is very experienced in plastic surgery and all operations are carried out in the best private hospitals in both Greece and the UK.

Will I look natural after plastic surgery?

Most patients want to enhance their appearance but still look natural. Bad plastic surgery is surgery you can spot immediately. Dr Gaitanis takes pride in his work achieving natural results, avoiding the “operated” look.

What are the general instructions for before and after such an operation?

Before surgery

A few days before the surgery you will go in the hospital “Mitera”\for preoperative examination (you can go up to one day before the date of surgery).

You will go to the hospital in order to be informed about the nature of the operation you are about to have either with general or local anesthesia- depending on the case.

On the day of the surgery

You enter the hospital at least 2 hours before the scheduled time of surgery. You must have not eaten anything or drunk anything –even water- from the previous night.

You will go to the receipt of the hospital and inform them about your EISAGOGI and stay in the hospital for one night in a double room.

After the surgery

You will follow the doctor’s postoperative instructions and you will go to the practice for your planned visits in order for the doctor to recheck you.

Do injectable fillers hide risks?

The injectable hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the human body and does not cause allergies. After the injection a mild swelling may occur, which is, however, a natural reaction of your organism to the injectable material. It is treated by applying ice on the area and the swelling gradually subsides within a few days. You should also consider limiting facial expressions for the first three, four days after the application. The latest generation of injectable materials are of a very good quality and last longer.

Is silicone safe?

All implants for breast augmentation consist of an outer bag which is made from solid silicone and is perfectly safe. What changes, is the content of this bag. So, in silicone implants their content is liquid silicone while in the latest cohesive gel silicone implants their content is gel silicone.

It is important for the woman to trust her doctor who should have extensive experience in this specific operation and can show to the patient pictures with similar situations to her own.

How long do I have to be away from work after a surgery?

Usually after a plastic surgery you will have to be away from work for a period of about 5-10 days depending on the size of the surgery and the nature of your work. It is essential to get some rest during the first week, while when leaving the hospital you will be given antibiotics which you will take for 5 days in order to prevent infection. It is useful for the patient to closely follow the plastic surgeon’s preoperative and postoperative instructions to decrease the likelihood of potential side effects.