Ear reshaping or otoplasty is the procedure whereby the ears are surgically corrected.

The child with protruding ears is often subjected to unkind remarks that can be a source of significant distress.
Adults although generally does not express such attitudes openly, they will still wish to correct this feature to improve their looks.


Ear correction can be done as early as the fifth year of age. The size of the ears, the shape or the position that the individual is not happy with.

Deformities of the ear can also be an indication for corrective surgery such as those where variations of cartilage contour and the protruding ear, particularly when both sides are involved.


When your otoplasty is performed by a fully trained plastic surgeon, complications are infrequent and usually minor. Needless to stress the importance of the pre-operative consultation directly with your surgeon as well as closely following your surgeons’ instructions both before and after surgery.


The otoplasty operation is general most successful and can truly provide satisfaction with improved personal confidence and self-esteem.

Before Surgery

• Do not sunbathe one week before surgery.
• Any medication that you are taking should be reported to your surgeon and then taken as instructed.
• You should take ARNICA tablets (A homeopathic medication to minimise post-operative bruising and swelling). Two tablets to be taken three times per day, every day for seven days before surgery.
• NO ALCOHOL should be taken 48 hours prior to surgery.
• NO ASPIRIN should be taken for a minimum of two weeks before surgery. You are allowed to take paracetamol.
• If you are a smoker, you are strongly advised to cut down or even better STOP SMOKING.
• The morning or evening prior to your surgery you are requested to shower or bathe, cleansing your entire body. Wash your hair but do not use any hair spray, e.t.c. Do not apply any creams.
• Arrange your transportation to and from the hospital. If your operation is performed as a day case you will be discharged after 5.00pm on the day of admission. If you are staying overnight, you will be discharged about 10.00am on the day following surgery.
• You can purchase an elasticated sports head band from Marks and Spencers following Mr Gaitanis advise.
• Nothing to eat or drink for a minimum of 6 hours before your admission.
• Remove all nail polish, contact lenses, jewellery and make up while at home.
• Wear comfortable loose clothing.

The Procedure

The treatment can be done under local anaesthetic and sedation or as a day case general anaesthetic. Surgery takes about two hours.

The operation is performed by repositioning or altering the flexible cartilage structures. Surgical incisions are placed behind the ear where any remaining surface scars will not be visible. Occasionally external incisions are required, and these can be placed inconspicuously within the normal contours. The skin of the ear is raised and partially separated from the underlying cartilage. After correction of position and contour, the skin is replaced and secured by surgical sutures, with the ears being “pinned” back. A total head dressing, supported with padding, is necessary to protect both ears as well as minimise the swelling.

After Surgery

• NO ASPIRIN should be taken for 7 days following surgery.
• NO ALCOHOL should be taken 48 hours following surgery.
• Continue taking ARNICA as instructed for a further 7 days.
• Take any prescribed medication as instructed.
• Showers and baths are permitted after the dressings are removed. (About 7 days following surgery).
• Do not sunbathe or use a sun bed for approximately one month following surgery.
• Wear an elasticated head band to protect the ears when sleeping for 2 weeks post surgery.
Your first postoperative appointment will be arranged prior to your discharge for your return approximately 7 days later

Post Operative Care

The dressing is removed 7 days later.

It should be noted that both ears are never exactly alike even in the normal state and that perfect symmetry is not a reasonable expectation