Endermologie: The most effective method for treating cellulite

Cellulite is thought to be the biggest enemy of women’s skin. Its formation is mainly caused by the uneven distribution of fat in the skin’s subcutaneous tissue as well as by retained water. This phenomenon (of the superficial trapped fat – STF) contributes to the creation of the so-called orange-peel appearance. In such a way, defective blood circulation and reduction of tissue oxygenation are created. So, the skin loses its flexibility and becomes fibrant and tough. Among the most common causes of cellulite, are hormonal disorders, heredity factors, poor diet and excessive drinking or smoking. Cellulite most often develops in body parts such as the thighs- both inner and outer thighs-, buttocks, knees, abdomen and arms.

Endermologie by the French house LPG is the world’s most popular treatment against cellulite, sagging skin (epidermal relaxation) and localized fat. It is actually a high-tech medical device approved in the United States by the FDA, that is, the largest and most rigorous organization.

Its philosophy is based on the effects of two computer controlled cylinders that mechanize and stimulate skin tissue. What these cylinders do is that they fold the skin tissue throughout the body by massaging it. The massage is proportionate to the physiotherapists while its speed is programmed by a control panel.

Endermologie is a non-surgical and painless treatment that provides a sense of well-being and relaxation while no medical practice or chemical use is required. It simply reactivates and stimulates a number of your skin’s biological responses, while, with a specific protocol change, heals at the same time postoperative and metatraumatic scars.

Its spectacular results can easily be proven with measurements and photos taken before, during and at the end of the treatment when the skin looks much more youthful and firm. Changes are targeted on areas where the problem is acute, while at the same time areas where volume decrease is undesirable (face, breast) are being protected.


Mesotherapy is a treatment applied for many years abroad that has recently been introduced to Greece.
It is realized by injecting a multivitamin, firming and recreative preparation into the mesoderm, thus, preventing and treating aesthetic problems such as sagging skin, skin aging, facial wrinkles, cellulite and other.

Application is targeted on problematic areas (neck, forehead, folds around the nose, cheekbones and body parts that suffer with cellulite) using a syringe with a very short and thin needle. In such a way, the ingredients are better induced into fat tissue achieving immediate and visible results. Mesotherapy is a completely painless method and the drugs used (multivitamin preparations and pharmaceuticals) are perfectly safe.
Mesotherapy moisturizes, firms, tones and regenerates the skin leading to a more youthful figure. It also improves the microcirculatory system, cell oxygenation, toxin elimination. This is why, it is considered to be the most effective method against cellulite.


Treatment of both face and body lasts about half an hour. Depending on the case a number of sessions (4-6) are realized every 1 or 2 weeks while a touch-up treatment is needed every 3-4 months.
Mesotherapy can be done any time of the year.