Breast reduction is one of the most popular and satisfying cosmetic surgery procedures available.

Ladies who experience physical and emotional distress due to their breast size would get delighted with the results of the surgery.

Usually sufferers are overweight and wear loose clothing to disguise their asymmetry.


• Enhance the breast contour of a woman who feels that her current breast size is too big for her body.

• Correct the excess of breast volume, especially in cases of neck pain associated with large breasts or in cases of collar bone deformities caused by the weight of the breasts on the bra straps.

• Balance difference in breast volume in cases of breast asymmetry, although liposculpture in the breasts can be also used in these cases.

• As a reconstructive method following breast surgery.

Pre-operative Consultation

Your expectations and needs will be assessed carefully by the experienced plastic surgeon.

A physical examination will be carried out and your medical history will be checked.

Dr. Gaitanis will show you what may be expected post operatively by defining the area of the breast tissue to be removed and the new position of the nipple.


There are always risks with every surgical procedure. In case of breast reduction the loss of nipple sensation is a possibility but risks are minimised in the hands of a fully qualified plastic surgeon. Needless to stress the importance of the pre operative consultation directly with the surgeon as well as closely following your surgeon’s advice both before and after surgery.


Breast reduction boosts the confidence and self esteem of women who would otherwise feel inadequate in certain clothes, on the beach and in sexual relationships. Most patients are completely comfortable with the change and enjoy a more active life with a normal shape.

Before Surgery

• Do not sunbathe one week before surgery.
• Any medication that you are taking should be reported to your surgeon and then taken as instructed.
• You should take ARNICA tablets (A homeopathic medication to minimise post-operative bruising and swelling). Two tablets to be taken three times per day, every day for seven days before surgery.
• NO ALCOHOL should be taken 48 hours prior to surgery.
• NO non prescribed ASPIRIN should be taken for a minimum of a week before surgery. You are allowed to take paracetamol.
• If you are a smoker, you are strongly advised to cut down or even better STOP SMOKING.
• The morning or evening prior to your surgery you are requested to shower or bathe, cleansing your entire body.
Shave under your arms. Wash your hair but do not use any hair spray, etc. Do not apply any creams.
• Arrange your transportation to and from the hospital. If your operation is performed as a day case you will be discharged after 5.00pm on the day of admission. If you are staying overnight, you will be discharged about 10.00am on the day following surgery.
• You can purchase a sports support bra from Marks and Spencers. You must discuss which bra size will be required with your surgeon.
• No underwire bra.

Day of Surgery

• Nothing to eat or drink for a minimum of 6 hours before your admission.
• Remove all nail polish, contact lenses, jewellery and make up while at home.
• Wear comfortable loose clothing.

The Procedure

The procedure requires admission to the hospital with at least one-night stay.

The operation takes about two hours and will be carried out under general anaesthetic following full preoperative marking out of the incision sites.

The nipple is usually positioned in line, level with the middle part of the upper arm. The suture line is anchor shaped, extending around the nipple in its new position, vertically downwards to the under breast crease, so then extending in that crease from a point near the midline around towards the armpit.

Drainage tubes are inserted at the end of the operation to remove any ooze of fluid postoperatively. Light dressing is applied and a supporting bra is fitted the same night.

After Surgery

• NO ASPIRIN should be taken for 7 days following surgery.
• NO ALCOHOL should be taken 48 hours following surgery.
• Continue taking ARNICA as instructed for a further 7 days.
• Take any prescribed medication as instructed.
• Baths are permitted after the dressings are removed. Showers are permitted after the third day but dressings should be kept dry.
• Do not sunbathe or use a sun bed for approximately one month following surgery.
• Bed rest is helpful for at least one day, after which you should be mobile.
• Driving a car is not advised for the first week following surgery.
• Wear the support bra day and time for the first two weeks, then only during the day for further 4 weeks.
• An underwire bra should NOT be worn until at least 6 weeks after surgery.
• Your first post operative appointment will be scheduled for you to return 7-10 days following your surgery.

Post-operative care

A properly fitted bra should be worn day and night for two weeks after the operation. Thereafter the bra should be worn during the day only for another 4 weeks.
Under- wire bra can be worn after the six weeks period.

The wound dressing should be left clean and dry for the whole of the 10 days period. Patients should wash the upper half of their body with a sponge, keeping the dressings dry. There are sutures to be removed after 7 days.

Both wounds should be inspected after 7 days.

Bruising and swelling will subside within two to three weeks.

Scars vary from person to person. Scars may fade in time to a degree where they are not obviously noticeable.

One to two weeks time off work is recommended. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for six weeks, in order to give the wounds adequate time to heal fully.