The under portion of your upper arm loosens and looks flabby usually due to age or fluctuations in weight, thus, preventing you from wearing what you want.

Sagging skin and excess fat seem fairly inelegant, especially when you lift your arms. With this procedure excess skin is removed and your arms acquire a more proportionate appearance. If excess fat on the underside of your upper arms gives a sense of plump arms, the problem can be corrected with liposculpture.

During an Arm Lift excess skin on the inside of your upper arms is removed, leaving behind a thin scar which is not usually apparent due to the site of the incision. In order for your arms to “lift” and get the desired shape, a proportion of skin and fat is removed. The incision begins from the inner side of your elbow and ends near your underarm region, while it is likely for it to look reddish after the surgery.

In an Arm Lift, recovery takes place within a few days after the procedure, while absorbable sutures are used.

What is recommended is to take a leave of one week from work. You can gradually return to all your previous activities two weeks after surgery. You will need to wear an elastic bandage for two weeks. There is also the possibility of a mild swelling and a minor bruising to appear which will gradually subside until the end of the first week.